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Fast Track Products, Inc. was formed to fill a need at a local dragstrip that was experiencing problems cleaning up oil downs on the track. As a result, Fast Track Track Cleaner (endorsed by the IHRA) was born; it has helped cut down times by two-thirds, which also improves track profitability. Fast Track Track Cleaner also does an outstanding job for environmental needs such as oil, grease, crude, or any type of petroleum remediation, as well as being very effective with cooking oils and animal fat. With petroleum products, Fast Track Track Cleaner works on the molecular structure by removing the lubricity and glycerin within, and leaving an inert fluid which can easily be cleaned up and disposed of without environmental worries. It completely removes all residue and will not hurt any surfaces, including track grip products, metals, soil, or roads of any type. Fast Track Products also carries a line of degreasers, aluminum brighteners, soaps, and waxes for the truck / bus / car wash, restaurant, and industrial needs. We hope that you will give our products a try and lets us help you get on the Fast Track to taking care of your cleanup and remediation needs. Give us a call to discuss how we can help!