Fast Track Track Cleaner is the result of 30 years of research & development. When used as directed, either with a track scrubber or spray application, FT Track Cleaner is the ultimate cleaning product for petroleum- or synthetic-based oil downs. FT Track Cleaner is a unique blend of biodegradable components that removes the lubricity and glycerin in oils leaving an inert liquid that is easily cleaned up. It leaves no residue on the track, does not harm the racing surface, and can be disposed of along with other waste waters. It will cut cleanup times by two-thirds and is easily more affordable, because of its concentration, than other products on the market today! It’s extraordinarily effective! Try it and you will be amazed!
Easy to work with, and easily disposable. Cleans oil downs as much as three times faster than competitors. No oily residue. Will not harm the track or your grip products. Concentrated formula lasts long and increases profits.


“FT Track Cleaner is the best oil down cleanup product I’ve ever seen. It's cut our cleanup times by two-thirds.”
– Jim Weinert, IHRA
“By far the best cleanup, timely, and cost effective product we’ve ever used.”
– Keith Dowman, Pittsburgh Raceway Park
“Nothing compares when it comes to quick oil down cleanup.”
– Roger Parker, Summit Motorsports Park

3 Sizes to Choose From!

55 Gallon
30 Gallon
5 Gallon
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